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Adipose with PRP

When we experience a tear, pull, strain, or sprain of a tendon or ligament, our body responds with increased blood flow to the injured area. This “new” blood has platelets and other growth factors that help the tissue heal by creating new collagen fibers, eventually allowing the injured area to regain its flexibility and strength. Depending on the after-care and the severity of the injury however, sometimes scar tissue forms, which further alters the blood flow so the tissue never really properly heals.

Stem cells are cells with the ability to divide many times and can differentiate into all types of cells for regeneration. A person’s own blood, fat and bone marrow contains stem cells and additional biological materials necessary to facilitate healing, but minimal blood flow prevents joints, ligament and tendons from healing as well as muscle, skin, or bone. A goal of regenerative medicine is to quickly deliver massive numbers of fresh stem cells, platelet-rich plasma and growth factor proteins to tissues that are damaged to repair and grow new cells. Additionally, these procedures are low risk, outpatient, and partly covered by insurance.
Adipose with PRP uses fat-derived stem cells, which are effective for both regenerative therapy and differentiating into mature functional cartilage. For autologous (using the patient’s own cells) transplants of fat-derived stem cells, fat is taken from the patient, processed through a centrifuge, then placed in the joint or area to be treated. Due to the viscous nature of this concentrate, it immediately adds cushion to the joint and provides a lubricant effect. Additionally, the infusion of invigorating stem cells coupled with the slow absorption of the biologic extract give the body time to grow new tissue
This minimal risk, same day procedure can preserve hips, knees and shoulders for years, postponing or eliminating entirely the need for joint replacement, making it an excellent option for many patients.
Dr. Thomas Grace has extensive experience with using regenerative medicine for musculoskeletal injuries and arthritis. All procedures offered are FDA-compliant under the current definition of minimal manipulation, and are based on the latest peer-reviewed evidence for both safety and efficacy.